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Convent says thank you and reviewed their Baltic open days

Dear community,


today we came back from our successful trip to Riga and Klaipeda. Back in our office in Bremen we will now give you a quick INSIGHT:


After arrival in Riga on Sunday evening, we started our presentation of CONVENT EXPERTS on Monday in the BOTC training centre. Our Managing director presented our company, the projects and gave many information about the WIND INDUSTRY. All participants listened carefully and we started many interesting conversations and discussions hereupon.


We were really surprised how many pleased for the positive feedback and the interest in working with CONVENT. The Lithuanians and Latvians were really interested into BOTC Training which directly followed after our presentation. This day was very enriching for all participants. After a successful first day in Riga, we took the car to Klaipeda and prepared us mentally the next day.


The second day was even successful. With the same programme we started our day in Klaipeda and met STRONG PERSONALITIES and had interesting CONVERSATIONS too. Looking back, we really appreciated the warm welcome in both countries and would like to thank all of you that made this event special for us! We will keep these ADVENTURES in our memory! Special thanks again to BOTC (R. Stalmanis) for having and supporting us!


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