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Convent Energy opens location in Rostock

Rostock. (Germany, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania). No matter whether construction, service & maintenance or special phase tasks - Strong and reliable personnel experts along the entire supply chain have become one of the most important players considering the time- intensive and cost-sensitive wind industry and all its stakeholders. One of the leading experts of the branch is the convent energy GmbH, which today (20th of February) officially opens its location in Rostock.

Personal proximity and market awareness along strong wind areas in Europe
By the recently founded presence in Rostock convent energy is now operating from locations in Oldenburg, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, London (GB) and Rostock.  Mrs. Anett Laduch from the management board explains: “With the today`s opening of our office in Rostock we follow our trial of establishing new locations in strong wind areas next to the coastal regions consequently.  For one thing this way is extremely reasonable to be able to perform permanently and successfully within the international market of best professionals and experts from all fields of professional careers and to inspire and bind them for convent energy. 
On the other hand the location of Rostock helps us to perform the well-fitting solutions our customers need in the strong wind area of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and its upcoming and recent wind-projects.”

Best perspectives for professionals and experts due to a strong binding concept 

As one of the leading established personnel service providers for wind energy with ten years of experience within the sector of human resources and unique specialization on off- and onshore wind focuses on an underrated area of  proactive recruitment and employee loyalty using several modern tools and  media solutions. These competition-relevant factors and shared core values in combination with highest standards have helped convent their expansion of a strong employer brand having build up a continuous growing headcount of employees and a profound network of professionals and interim experts for the implementation of wind-.projects. This approach should also push and promote the covered growth path in the region of Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania. 

“Especially in the incredibly potent target market of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania we want to do everything we can to create best prospects for newcomers and career changers as well as experienced experts in wind. Furthermore we want to expand the excitement for a career- orientated branch of industry in a tradition-minded state such as Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania”, illustrates Mr. Kaveh Etemadi, managing director of convent. 
Already in the run-up of the location detection and investigation convent has successfully been working together with several players from the fields of political and federal  administration and consultation.

Counterparts in the new location at the office-terminal – Alter Hafen Süd 4, 18069 Rostock- will be the new Human Relations Manager of the location, Mrs. Franziska Walter and Mrs. Anne Keßling (Project Management). Both are responsible on all issues relating to human resource management for costumers, employees and interested parties.

Upcoming Kick-Off Events

Next occasion to experience the personnel expert live will be this week. Both as exhibitor on the 3rd Symposium Offshore as well as at the by oneself organized 1st Career Day Offshore 2017 is represented in the location of the AFZ Rostock – Alter Hafen Süd 334, 18069 Rostock. 

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