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Hungry for challenges!

Hungry for challenges!

Professional, flexible and fast solutions guaranteed. Try it.

As an international personnel champion we stand for professional, flexible and fast personnel solutions. Our whole team is always »hungry for challenges« and makes the impossible possible. We overcome hurdles, are always focused and successful in what we do. Try it.

We organise, monitor and manage our personnel and their qualifications for industry. Whether short term training requirements, a more in-depth occupational health examination, or a particular piece of equipment or tool that no supplier seems to have in their portfolio – we think in terms of solutions, not problems. 

Short paths and the right operating temperature ensure that everything runs as it should with convent. With maximum proximity to our clients as well as maximum accessibility for our professionals, experts and specialists and an open channel for future employees, we work on the best solution for each of your challenges. Established and reliable processes and systems certified in accordance with ISO 9001- 2015 form the basis for this.

Since 2007 we have established ourselves as a skilled partner for the wind energy sector and challenging industrial projects with assembly requirements. Our team in the OC Bremen coordinates client projects worldwide. Depending on client requirements, our employees are recruited on a temporary basis via employee leasing or employed by clients on a permanent basis.

Flexibility & speed

20 years experience

regular personnel and network

team spirit

Hungry for challenges. Dedicated to success.

When it comes to special requirements and challenges, we can help.

We support you with our strong team, every day – in it to win. Regardless of whether at sea, on land, at a great height or in difficult situations, planned long term or ad hoc as firefighter. It’s good to know you have experienced experts by your side who can meet these challenges professionally, without compromises and obligingly and turn problems into successful solutions.

Our “playing field”: ambitious and challenging personnel solutions. With our pragmatic and experienced team, we incorporate our expert competence where real assembly and service experts are required.

Fast, professionally and worldwide.

Committed to excellent performance. Passionate about results.


We stand by our performance and allow ourselves to be measured by it. Our promise counts – personally, reliably and calculable. In the end it is the result that counts even if we go the extra mile. We ensure the best environment to enable our convent experts to perform exactly like this in their work. And when challenges arise for our clients this is where our passion begins: we consciously seek new challenges with which we can grow further. This allows us to set new standards and continue our path of success.

Ambitious goals. Driven by growth.


We see the chances and take the opportunities which we can convert into new business. We are ambitious and hungry. The pursuit of growth and new business unites us – always with the intent to give our very best. Our goals are bold and big as is the achievement of our set stages along the way.

Because we are convinced: Easy never changed the world.

Accelerate business. Advancing solutions.

Our constant is change. We actively embody our company’s further development and are not worried about occasionally tripping up along the way. We learn new things daily and grow with our team as well as through the impulses of our clients. This helps us broaden our own horizon and build our framework for action. 

From our home market Germany, we grow and explore Europe and send our experts worldwide.