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Convent conquers new business areas under new name

PRESS RELEASE - OFFICIAL CORPORATE STATEMENT - Convent conquers new business areas


Bremen. 01/06/2018. ENERGY becomes EXPERTS - fast, professional, worldwide.


Following his new brand identity and following the bundling of activities in Bremen, the award-winning human resources service provider is setting its next milestone.
Convent has become a stable partner in recent years for companies with different challenges in wind energy and special assembly as well as industrial services. Competence in service and assembly, electrical and construction, challenges in height and hard to reach working environment, as well as a great deal of flexibility on water and land.

To 01st of June the personnel expert gives this development the appropriate framework with a complete renaming as


convent experts GmbH


More information about the rebranding and the company development at:

Marcel Kelm

Head of Marketing & PR

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